your wedding is important to me too

the laura jayne experience


What it’ll be like having
me as your photographer

Your wedding will be a day of moments. 

Those hilarious, emotional, calm-before-the-storm hours getting ready with your closest friends. The first time you see each other at the ceremony, hearts skipping a beat, butterflies in your stomachs. Your first kiss, your first dance and all the little in between moments too. 

They’re all the moments you’ll want to relive again and again, because they’re what will make your day so special and the moments I want to capture for you. 

I am not just any supplier, I am someone who wants to help you make your wedding the best it can be!

My relationship with a couple is more than just on the day,
I am there for advice before your wedding, and I love to hear about any plans you have.

I don't carry big lighting set ups and I aim to be as discrete as possible, some of my couples have said they hardly noticed I was there! I always make the extra effort with your family and make conversation where appropriate. I strive to fit in as one of your guests so that my photographs stay candid and as natural as possible.

I feel that by your wedding day you will feel comfortable in my company.

My promise is that I will always lend a hand wherever possible; I have been known to help button up dresses, fix pocket squares and button holes and even hold your bouquet for you when you need to lift your dress. 

I document your day from start to finish and I strive to capture every thought out detail, every emotion and every memorable moment. From the delicate details of your florals to romantic portraits of you as newly weds, all the way up to the bad dance moves in the evening! ​

What to expect on the day

I typically arrive two to three hours before your wedding ceremony commences.

This is a great opportunity to capture your wedding preparation as it unfolds, getting those gorgeous serene moments as you get ready, as well as taking photos of all your wedding details before the day takes its toll — dress, shoes, jewellery, flowers, suit. I’ll capture those wonderfully intimate moments of you with your family members and the rest of your wedding party, as well as all those nervous and excited ‘butterflies’ moments along the way!

I will often direct you towards the best light (which is usually where there’s a window!) but ultimately I like to capture it all as it happens naturally, and to tell your story organically as it unfolds.

I’ll then move on to capture your venue, the ceremony area and the candid glimpses of love and friendship as your guests arrive and interact with each other. Then there’s those stunning shots of you as you walk down the aisle looking your beautiful best, and those exquisite moments of affection when you first see each other and when you say your vows.

After the ceremony, I’ll be sure to capture your family portraits that you’ll look back on in years to come. I’ll always ask in advance for a list of must-have shots you’d really love to have with certain relatives. However, I make sure these don't take up much of your time so you can enjoy the drinks reception!

After the group shots are done, I’ll pull the two of you aside, so we can disappear together away from all the hubbub to get the all-important couple portraits of you as newly-married couple. These are always my favourite shots of the day, as this is your chance to be intimate with each other, let your guard down and celebrate this next chapter in your love story. 

And trust me, these will be the ones you’ll print and frame!

I’ll capture the rest of the wedding as it unfolds, taking beautiful little glimpses of laughter, love and friendship throughout the day. Your wedding day will be one of the best days of your life, and it will be my honour to capture it for you so you can treasure the photos forever.

after the day

I know you’ll be super excited to see your photos after your wedding day. So I’ll send you a few preview highlight shots 48 hours after your wedding. The full gallery of photos, carefully edited in my signature style, will be sent to you via a password-protected online gallery. So you can cuddle up together on the sofa, pop a bottle of champagne, and relive your day all over again.

You can share this gallery with your nearest and dearest, begin printing them for around your home or even send as thank you gifts! When convenient we can meet to chat about choices for your wedding album and so I can hear all about your honeymoon - If you didn't already know... I'm obsessed with travelling.


I have always been a sentimentalist and that's why I always encourage you to print your photographs. We live in such a digital age and viewing your wedding images only ever on a screen never does them justice. These photographs are an heirloom and will be passed down the generations! 

Once your wedding is over, your dress is boxed up and placed in the loft, the cake has been demolished and well... the champagne didn't even last to the end of the night. The only things you have left are each other, your rings, your promise, your memories and your photographs. 

So let’s make the most of them!

Let’s create a beautiful handmade wedding album to instantly bring back all those wonderful memories with every turn of the page.

we will be in touch soon

thank you