"Capturing Forever: Mastering the Art of Wedding Photography Together"

for newbie or experienced photographers wishing to take their business to the next level. 

one on one
education + mentoring

A one-hour video call with me, ask me anything, Q&A style!

3 x one hour video calls. Bespoke course made for you to cover everything from my process in shooting, editing, backing up, software I use and more.

- Camera Settings & My Kit
- The running of a wedding day
- Branding, Marketing & Social Media
- Business Workflows + Processes
- How to price yourself

- Goal Setting + future planning 
- Prompts and poses for couple portraits
- Introduction to editing
- Website & Portfolio Critique
- Styled Shoots + getting featured

6 x one hour video calls over a period of 6 months.
Delve deeper... a bespoke course made for you to help you on your way to become a pro wedding photographer. Covering everything, even down to the nitty gritty of settings I use throughout a wedding, editing tips and how to run a photography business successfully.






Topics I typically cover...


Over the past 8 years I have photographed hundreds of weddings. I am established in my field, award winning and highly recommended by couples and suppliers in the industry. 

The way I approach my business focuses on giving my clients the best customer service throughout their journey. Being a photographer isn't just about taking photographs they will treasure forever, it's about keeping couples calm, communication from booking to delivery, plus running a business that is profitable and successful.

I am here to teach you everything I know and have learned in my years in the industry whether that's help perfecting your ideal client journey to a crash course in photography. 


support, guidance + encouragement
one to one mentoring that will help you up-level your business

My mentoring programmes are one on one, confidential and private with support, guidance and encouragement as my main focus throughout. I want you to feel motivated to achieve your goals and elevate your business.

However, it's not all serious. My open, friendly, relaxed approach means you'll definitely enjoy learning along the way!

"I completed an hour long mentoring session with Laura, and she was incredibly helpful! Nothing was too much trouble, and I felt that she really wanted to help me progress further - she was like my biggest cheerleader! I find talking to new people difficult, but Laura was extremely patient with me, which put me at ease. I will definitely be booking more sessions with Laura in the future. Thank you!"

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